January 24, 2019 - 5.30 - NovaSeq SP Charts

What's changed for BaseSpace Sequence Hub 5.30.0

  • Features

    • Updated the Charts tab to support NovaSeq SP runs.
    • Improved display of Biosample details and File Upload pages.
    • Added the project name to HTML title for the Project page.
  • Bugs Fixed

    • Biosamples created in multi-node FASTQ Generation were missing from the Run Samples tab in Classic mode. The biosamples are now listed in both New and Classic modes.
    • Improved detail for some file upload error messages.
    • Some successful file uploads briefly displayed an error message in Firefox browsers.
    • Cluster count values were displayed incorrectly in the Run Master List popup. The correct values are now displayed.
    • Security improvements in the developer portal.

Release 5.30.1 - January 30, 2019

  • Bugs Fixed
    • Fixed a slow loading issue on Analysis results pages.
    • Fixed an issue where an incorrect ID was returned for analyses launched via v2 API and CLI.
    • Fixed an issue where the View Files link for logs for some analyses did not appear on the Analysis summary tab.

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