June 12, 2018 - 5.22 - Associate Biosamples With Uploaded Files and Show/Hide Columns on Runs Page

What's changed for BaseSpace Sequence Hub 5.22.0

  • Features

    • Added an option to associate a file (or dataset of files uploaded together) with a new or existing biosample during file upload.
    • Added an option to show or hide columns on the runs page, and added sort function to additional columns. Run Page Column Selector
  • Bugs Fixed

    • Fixed an issue with library prep kits not appearing in the Multiple Kits drop-down list when selecting a biosample in the app input form.

Release 5.22.1 - June 14, 2018

  • Bugs Fixed
    • Fixed an issue with BaseSpace menu navigation to different software products. The links have been restored and you are now successfully transferred to the selected product.

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