June 23, 2016 - 0.8.0

0.8 release

Bug fixes

  • Proper handling of SIGINT
  • Fixed --terse mode
  • Option --version now also shows version of underlying tool

New features

  • New high-performance copy tool
    • Copy to and from BaseSpace instances including from BaseSpace to BaseSpace
    • Rich and flexible URI mechanism to specify source and target for copies
    • Multi-threaded for performance
    • Designed to copy robustly even with high latency or low bandwidth connections
    • Excellent data integrity, all part data is hashed and verified.
    • Built-in MD5 sum calculation. Ability to export md5sum compatible sum file for future data verification.
    • Resumable downloading
  • GPG signature
  • More options for authentication
  • New tool to show entire history
  • Runs listing
  • Automatically adjust scopes
  • New tool to provide information about user's own account (ie. "bs whoami")

BaseSpaceCLI provides a set of tools for users to work with their BaseSpace data at the command line.

We have also provided a Help page for BaseSpaceCLI which has information on hardware and operation system requirements, available commands and common usage recipes.


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