December 1, 2016 - 0.8.10

0.8.10 release

Bug fixes

  • bs list apps --all-apps was failing with a unicode error
  • Importing apps from a json file was not working properly
  • It wasn't possible to import an app with a duplicate name, eg. when importing an updated app version - now possible with --force option
  • bs kill was not using the proper endpoint to abort apps, which meant that child apps were not being terminated

New features

  • New command: bs wait
    • Wait for an appsession to finish, and then resolve it to its output AppResults
    • Can be used to manage dependencies between apps
  • Ability to name an app launch with --launch-name switch
  • Option to ignore invalid read names on sample upload with --accept-invalid-readnames switch

BaseSpaceCLI provides a set of tools for users to work with their BaseSpace data at the command line.

We have also provided a Help page for BaseSpaceCLI which has information on hardware and operation system requirements, available commands and common usage recipes.


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