June 21, 2016 - 0.14 - 4th Alpha Release

4th Alpha Release

BaseMount gives the user the ability to mount their BaseSpace data as a Linux-based filesystem. This allows users to interact with their BaseSpace data programmatically in addition to interacting with it through the BaseSpace User Interface.

To learn more about BaseMount, please visit the BaseMount home page.

We have also provided a Help page for BaseMount which has information on hardware and operation system requirements, directory structure, and current limitations.

Tue Jun 21 2016 - v0.14 Alpha

  • Refresh command
  • Move-to-trash and restore-from-trash
  • New bm-cmd tool, a shorter alias for basemount-cmd
  • Moved passphrase encryption to --passphrase

Tue Mar 1 2016 - v0.12 Alpha

  • Write-mode: project and appresult creation, file upload
  • Properties can be viewed and edited
  • Improved documentation
  • Relaxed timeout for low bandwidth
  • Offers to create mount point when it doesn't exist
  • Offers to unmount if mount point refers to a mounted path
  • Unmount assistance, listing blocking processes and offering lazy-unmount
  • Raised RAM requirements to 1.5GB, allowing to proceed after confirmation prompt

Tue Jan 26 2016 - v0.11 Alpha

  • Proxy support
  • "Files" directories are not symlinks anymore
  • Run Files are automatically mounted, now that they load more interactively
  • .basemount directories for BaseSpaceCLI support
  • BSFS available as a plugin

Fri Jul 24 2015 - v0.1 Alpha

  • Initial release

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