How to Pool Libraries

The Pool Libraries page allows you to pool samples and sequence them in the same run, using the same analysis parameters.



Create Pools

Begin by dragging a library or set of libraries to a pool. Fill out the first Pool ID. Pool ID has to be unique. If needed, you can create additional pools on the right by clicking the + Add Pool button and filling out the pool IDs.

  • Colors of the wells correspond to the colors of the pools.
  • You can hover over the wells to see the library IDs.



Add Samples

Drag and drop individual samples from their well on the plate to a pool. You can multiselect by holding Shift. To multiselect on Firefox or Internet Explorer 9, click the well twice.



Choose from Multiple Plates

If you want to pool libraries from multiple plates, use the Plate drop-down menu to specify the plate.


You can also merge pools the following way:

  • Select the checkboxes in the Pools list.
  • Click the Merge Pools button in the top navigation bar.



Plan Runs

When finished, do one of the following:

  • Click the Save & Continue Later button. This selection takes you to the Pools list, with the recently created plate at the top of the list.
  • Click the Plan Run button.

Nextera Rapid Capture Considerations

If you are performing Nextera Rapid Capture, make sure to assign only samples from the same enrichment to one pool, and note it in the pool name.

FOr more information, please view the Pool Libraries page


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