Technical Assistance

For technical assistance, please contact Illumina Technical Support.

Illumina General Contact Information

Illumina Website

Illumina Technical Support Phone Numbers

Region Contact Number Region Contact Number
North America 1.800.809.4566 Italy 800.874909
Austria 0800.296575 Netherlands 0800.0223859
Belgium 0800.81102 Norway 800.16836
Denmark 80882346 Spain 900.812168
Finland 0800.918363 Sweden 020790181
France 0800.911850 Switzerland 0800.563118
Germany 0800.180.8994 United Kingdom 0800.917.0041
Ireland 1.800.812949 Other countries +44.1799.534000

Safety Data Sheets

Safety data sheets (SDSs) are available on the Illumina website at

Product Documentation

Product documentation in the PDF is available for download from the Illumina website. Go to, select a product, then click Documentation and Literature.


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