When you click the Pools tab you see the Pools list, which shows all available pools of libraries you have created on your account. You can sort the list by clicking the Pool Id, Date Modified, and Owner column headers, or click a pool to see its properties and associated libraries.

This page provides the following actions to prepare your analysis:

  • Click a Pool Id to open the Edit Pool Libraries page
  • Then click the Edit button to edit the Pool Id and Notes
  • Select a Pool and move to Plan Run.


You can also merge pools the following way:

  • Click the Save & Continue Later, which takes you to the Pools list, with the recently created plate at the top of the list.
  • Select the checkboxes in the Pools list.
  • Click the Merge Pools button in the top navigation bar.

The box next to the Pools header tracks the total number of pools, and how many are selected. For more information about these actions, see Pool Libraries.


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