Planned Runs

You can sort the list of Runs by clicking the column headers. You can also click a Run to view the Plan Run page where you can edit its properties. For more information about these actions, see How to Plan Runs.

The runs can have the following states:

  • Ready to Sequence: the run can be started from the NextSeq sequencing system.
  • Planning: The run is still in the planning phase so it will not be discovered by the NextSeq machine yet


If you want to select multiple runs:

  • Select multiple checkboxes
  • Click anywhere on a planned run row while holding Ctrl button to add to a selection
  • Click anywhere on a planned run row while holding Shift button to select all runs in between
  • Click the checkbox next Experiment Name to select all planned runs on the current page

The box next to the Planned Runs header tracks the total number of runs, and how many are selected. Click X next to the selection count to clear the current selection. When sequencing on a run starts, the run is removed automatically from the Planned Runs list.


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