Biological Samples

Under Prep Tab, the first section is Biological Samples. All four tabs under Prep are arranged in sequential order; meaning they replicate the 'prepping a run' process in a sequencing instrument for you.

THe Biological Samples page contains a list which shows all available Biological Samples you have created on your account through the Prep Tab.

  • The list can be sorted by clicking on the column headers.
  • The individual sample page can be visited by clicking on each sample name.
  • The box next to the Biological Samples header tracks the total number of samples, and how many are selected. Click X next to the selection count to clear the current selection.

This page provides the following actions to prepare your analysis:

  • Create a sample.
  • Import new samples.
  • Select a sample and edit its properties.
  • Select one or more samples and continue with Prep Libraries.


You can select multiple samples by using one of the following methods:

  • Select multiple checkboxes.
  • Click anywhere on a sample row while holding Ctrl button to add to a selection.
  • Click anywhere on a sample row while holding Shift button to select all samples in between.
  • Click the checkbox just above the list to select/deselect all samples on the current page


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